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Protein and Nutritional Supplements

Here at HCLF we believe exercise and nutrition is the key to success whatever your goals may be whether its weight gain or weight loss.


Giving you explosive energy, heightened focus and an overwhelming urge to tackle any challenge. Millions of people ranging from beginners all the way up to the elite competitors have relied on pre workout to help them turn their ambitions into achievements.

Go Protein Shakes:

Aiding you in your recovery after your workouts. Our bodies are always renewing damaged cells and tissue and having a protein shake is a quick and convenient way of intaking protein allowing your muscles to rebuild and recover.

Protein Bars:

Targeted to people who primarily want a convenient source of protein, they are mainly eaten after exercise to help with the growth and recovery of your muscles. Available in a range of flavours and styles.

Energy Drinks:

A selection of energy drinks are available for those still wanting a lesser of a kick than a pre workout.

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