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About The Gym in Harleston

The gym is separated into 4 sections consisting of Cardio equipment, Strength training resistance machines, Boxing area and an extensive free weights area including a designated room occupied by copious amounts of dumbbells!

The Cardio Section...

Consists of Life Fitness treadmills, x-trainers, bikes and a stepper plus concept 2 rowing machines, there are also TV’s to keep you entertained whilst you train.

Resistance Machine section….

Are mostly Technogym (Element series) and consist of a Chest Press, Seated Row, Lat pull down, Shoulder press, Leg extension, Leg Curl, Pec Deck, Leg press, Adductor, Abductor, Biecep curl, Tricep press and abdominal pull, there are also additional cable machines.

The Free Weights Area...

Includes: Power and squat racks, lifting platform, bumper plates, plate loaded leg press, dumbbells ranging from 1-50kg’s, several Olympic bars, Fixed Barbells 20-45kg, Multi cable machines, Kettlebells, back Extension, TRX, medicine balls and a Smith Machine.

Boxing Area….

Includes 2 x bags, speed ball, mats, step and TRX

The studio is also accessible to members when not in use for circuit style training for example, which also includes a boxing bag and an abundance of studio equipment.


Inductions are free to all new members however are not compulsory; you can be signed up as and using the gym within minutes! Inductions involve a qualified instructor one a 1 to 1 basis designated to you showing you how to use the machines safely and effectively.


Programmes are also free as part of your membership, you will be offered a 1 to 1 with one of our fitness instructors to help you achieve your personal goals, so please, put us to the test to see results!

To find out more call 01379 852088 or email click here

Harleston Gym Norfolk

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