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Class Timetable

Harleston gym class timetable

Fitness Classes

All classes included

£2.25 (30 minute Class)
£4.50 (45 minute Class)
£5.75 (1 Hour Yoga Class)

Class Descriptions:


This class will incorporate individual stations as part of a whole-body workout to guarantee hitting every muscle group. 

This class targets a person’s core, strengthening the abdominal and back muscles. A mixture of fun and challenging exercises that will help improve posture. Training your core can lead to reduced lower back pain. The class is suitable for all abilities as there is always a alternate exercise.

Functional Hit n Fit:

Functional Fitness simply means the ability to carry out everyday activities with ease and without injury, Maximal results in a small amount of time. A whole-body approach class targeting both fast and slow twitch muscle fibres, all energy systems worked for cardiovascular fitness, fat burning, strength and agility.

Just Bums:

This 30-minute workout challenges all of your lower body muscles in order to shape up and burn fat as you lunge and squat your way to fitness in this fun class, using both weights and your own body weight.


A classical Yoga class using breathing and movement sequence to create improved energy and flexibility.

Strength Training:

Challenges all of your major muscle groups. This class sculpts your body, improves strength and power whilst fat burning at the same time.

Studio Cycling:

Cardiovascular workout on bikes, pedaling through hill climbs, sprints and many more challenging drills and exercises.

Supple Strength:

The Supple Strength class blends Yoga, Pilates, strength and flexibility training into one challenging but relaxing class. It concentrates on training isotonic and static strength to help with posture and alignment as well as improving balance and co-ordination.

Top2Toe Tone:

Resistance exercise class using barbells, body weight exercises and steps to sculpt your body from head to toe. Focuses on lower weights and more repetitions. Suitable for both men and women this class will help to boost your metabolism to burn more calories at rest.

Women & Weights:

Ladies only toning class using weights, dumbbells and other equipment to improve muscle strength.

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Fitness Classes | Harleston | Norfolk