faq - harlestonleisure


When will the centre re-open?

Following the announcement by the Government, we will be reopening on Monday 27th July.

What can I expect to see once the facility is open?

The safety of our staff and members is our priority and important to Harleston Town Council therefore, following advice, we have made changes in the way we operate to ensure the facility remains a safe environment for everyone to use.

These measures are as follows:
• A queuing system has been put in place both outside the entrance and within reception
• Floor markers have been placed so everyone adheres to a safe distance
• Screens have been put up at reception
• A one way system has been implemented throughout
• Temperature checks will be compulsory upon arrival
• Gym equipment has been spaced out over multiple rooms to ensure a safe distance is maintained along with extra sanitising stations that have been placed around the building including the entrance and exit.

Are you restricting numbers in the gym?

We have stated a maximum occupancy of attendees and displayed these at the entrance of each room. We have also allocated waiting areas in the event that a room has reached this number.

Will I need to book a slot to attend the gym?

No booking is required at present however we will be reviewing this within the first few weeks of reopening.

Are the changing facilities and lockers available?

Our changing rooms/showers will be closed due to limited space and lack of air flow therefore, access to these rooms are not permitted. We ask that you attend the gym in your gym kit.
Lockers will be accessible at reception so we ask that you bring your own padlock.

Are classes still running?

Yes!! We want to be able to offer our members as much as possible whilst keeping our members safe in our classes therefore we have made a few changes such as a slight reduction of class spaces and a limit to our timetable to ensure members can keep and maintain a safe distance.

How will you keep the gym clean?

We will be fogging the facility everyday as well as wiping down equipment and touch points regularly throughout the day using a high grade disinfectant. This alongside other measures put in place such as safe distancing, reminders to wash your hands and sanitise and other building measures such as good ventilation will ensure a safe environment.

Should I wear a mask/gloves?

The government have stated that it isn’t compulsory for members to wear a face mask due to the strict measures we have in place however, if you feel more comfortable wearing one then please do.

Gloves will not be permitted within our facility due to the risk of them contaminating surfaces. Washing hands regularly is far more important.

How can I do my bit in reducing the spread of infection for myself and others?

Firstly, we ask that you stay at home if you have any concerns that you may have contracted or been in touch with anyone who is infected with COVID-19 and follow government guidelines.

When attending the gym, follow our simple guidelines that are in place; keep distance, wash hands, clean gym kit before and after use.

Beware of talking to others face to face.

If coughing or sneezing, do so into the inside of your elbow.

What will happen to my payment?

All payments were frozen immediately once lockdown was announced so rest assured we have not received any payments from you since we closed.

Your payment will start on the 1st month once we have reopened (1st August).

The good news is that you will not miss out on anytime you paid for before we closed, these days will be credited to you and we will then reduce your first payment back!

If you have any other membership queries, then please forward these on to us via email at

We hope this answers any questions or concerns you may have about returning or joining Harleston Community Leisure Facility however, if you would rather discuss this with a member of our team then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01379 852088 or email us at harleston-gym@btconnect.com